About Us

It’s BAM!DOG Righteous Hot Dogs – a family-owned establishment that opened its doors July 15 at the Smithridge Center in Reno, Nevada.


Founder spouses Joanne and Stephen King, self-proclaimed foodies from opposite coasts – New York City and Southern California – longed to engage their culinary passions in a quick, casual, fun, family restaurant adventure.


While potential concepts ranged from a NY style bagel deli to California fish tacos, it wasn't until their 7-year old daughter suggested a hot dog restaurant, spontaneously tossing up the name BAM!DOG. And so it became.


With locally sourced, top quality ingredients being their solid first priorities, the founders set about creating a "righteous" hot dog: hand-crafted, made from only premium cuts of meat, naturally smoked with no fillers, by-products or msg. When it came to the bun, after much taste testing, engaging of course the same bright 7-year old, it was decided that only a house-baked bun would do.


You'll be greeted by a playful menu of 15 original hot dog and sausage options with favorites including the Little City Roller, Wisconsin Cheesehead, the Texas Throwdown and the Aloha Addict...just to name a few.


Rounding out the menu are meaty chicken wings in six flavors , house-made pulled pork sliders, beef sliders, fresh corn on the cob and loaded tater tots.


More good news: Beer and wine is also on hand. Wines by Bandit (500 ml for $6; that's almost 3 glasses!) and a large selection of beer including but not limited to: Tahoe Amber Beer, Record Street, Pigeon Head Pilsner, Great Basin Gold Ale, Lagunitas IPA, and Stella Artois.


The kids menu is mercifully simple and kid-delicious -tater tots and apple slices accompany each meal.